Where are aluminum core armored cables generally used?

Aluminum armored cable is a common power transmission cable with high reliability and safety and is widely used in different fields. This article will give you a detailed introduction to aluminum core armored cables.

Aluminum core armored cable is a power cable composed of conductor, insulation layer, metal sheath and outer sheath.
Its characteristics are as follows:

1.Aluminum core conductor: Aluminum core conductor has the advantages of light weight, good electrical conductivity and low cost. For construction projects, the use of aluminum core conductors can reduce the weight of cables and facilitate construction and wiring.

2.Insulation layer: The insulation layer is made of polymer material, which has good insulation performance and heat resistance. This enables the aluminum core armored cable to operate stably in high temperature environments and effectively prevent current leakage and electrical faults.

3.Metal sheath: Metal sheath is an important part of aluminum core armored cable, which can provide additional mechanical protection and electromagnetic shielding effect. In construction projects, gold layer sheaths can effectively prevent external physical damage and electromagnetic interference from affecting cables.

4.Outer sheath: The outer sheath is the outermost protective layer of the aluminum core armored cable, often made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE) and other materials. The outer sheath is corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant and waterproof, and can protect the cable from the external environment.

aluminum armored cables

Common application fields of aluminum core armored cables

1.Buildings and residences: Aluminum armored cables are widely used in buildings and residences. They are used on supply lines that carry electrical energy from the utility company or substation to switchboards and terminal equipment inside buildings. Aluminum core armored cables have good resistance to external impact and pressure, and can protect the safe and stable transmission of power within the line.

2.Industrial field: In various industrial fields, aluminum core armored cables are widely used in power transmission. Whether they are manufacturing plants, refineries or chemical plants, these businesses often require large amounts of power to support the normal operation of equipment and machinery. Aluminum core armored cables have good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, can operate stably for a long time in harsh industrial environments, and can effectively resist electromagnetic interference.

3.Roads and railways: Aluminum core armored cables are also widely used in roads, highways and railway systems. They are usually used for power supply of street lights, signal lights, traffic monitoring equipment and rail transit facilities. Aluminum core armored cables are voltage-resistant, wear-resistant and fire-resistant, able to withstand challenges in the external environment and ensure the reliability and safety of power supply.

4.Agriculture and water conservancy projects: In agriculture and water conservancy projects, aluminum core armored cables are widely used. For example, it is used in irrigation equipment, greenhouses, agricultural machinery, as well as water gates and pumping stations. These areas generally require large amounts of electricity supply to achieve agricultural production and rational utilization of water resources. Aluminum core armored cables are capable of withstanding higher liabilities and withstanding harsh conditions such as soil moisture, moisture and temperature.

Precautions for installation and maintenance of aluminum core armored cables

1.Inspection before installation: Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the appearance of the cable is intact and whether there is obvious damage or corrosion. Colleagues, you also need to confirm whether the cable specifications and length meet actual needs.

2.Correct laying method: Aluminum core armored cables should be installed according to the prescribed laying method to avoid excessive bending or being squeezed by external objects. During the laying process, attention should be paid to protecting the metal sheath of the cable to avoid damage.

3.Joint and terminal processing: When handling cable joints and terminals, the operation should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards and specifications. Ensure that the connections between connectors and terminals are firm and reliable, and take appropriate waterproofing measures to prevent the impact of moisture on the connectors and terminals.

4.Regular inspection and maintenance: It is recommended to conduct regular inspection and maintenance of aluminum core armored cables. Check for abnormal heating, leakage, etc., and clean up debris around the cables in a timely manner. If abnormal conditions are found, repair measures should be taken promptly or the cable should be replaced.

5.Protective measures: In order to ensure the safe operation of aluminum core armored cables, it is recommended to take protective measures when necessary, such as setting up firewalls, protective tubes, etc., to reduce external damage to the cables.

All in all, aluminum core armored cables are widely used as power transmission cables in various fields. They are used for the power supply of buildings and residences, the transmission of electricity in industry, the power supply of road and railway systems, and the power needs of agricultural and water conservancy projects. The reliability, durability and safety of aluminum core armored cables make them the preferred choice in cables for a variety of applications.

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