How to choose cables model?

There are many models of wires and cables, how should you choose? Zhengzhou Jinshui Industrial Co., Ltd. has summarized the content for you to help you choose wires and cables with a higher degree of matching.


Purchase according to usage

1.If you want to use it for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy, it is recommended to choose power cables;

2.If it is for the transmission of telephone, television or other electrical signals, you can choose special concentric cables;

3.If it is to be used exclusively in the energy and transportation sector, industrial mining, or for control and protection lines with AC rated voltages below 450/750 volts, it is recommended to choose control cables.

Purchase according to laying conditions

1.If your usage scenario is an environment prone to mechanical damage or external corrosive factors, armored cables are a more suitable choice because the outer metal protective layer can well protect the inner core of the cable from damage;

2.If you need to lay cables and wires in high-drop and vertical scenes, it is more recommended to choose plastic insulated cables that are lightweight, simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain, so as to better complete the laying operation;

3.If the use scenario contains corrosive gases or objects, be sure to choose anti-corrosion cables.


Choose based on safety

1.If you want to use it in hospitals or scenes with high environmental hygiene requirements, it is best to choose low-smoke and halogen-free cables. Due to the special nature of the material, the ingredients do not contain halogen and will not produce toxic halogen acid gas when burned.

2.If you need to limit the combustion range, you can choose flame-retardant cables, which are suitable for power stations, large-scale mining, oil fields and other densely populated places with a higher degree of safety;

3.Some power usage environments, such as nuclear power plants, subways, tunnels, etc., have stricter safety requirements. Even if a fire accident occurs, safety must be ensured. Then fire-resistant cables must be selected to ensure that they can continue to work normally for a period of time after burning. The power will be cut off immediately, which is more conducive to rescue.

Choose according to job attributes

When selecting cables, you should also consider factors such as voltage loss, heating reaction, economical current density, and mechanical strength, and make judgments and purchases based on working attributes.

Generally speaking, because the current loaded by low-voltage power lines is relatively large, it is recommended to give priority to evaluating the heating conditions when purchasing; if it is a low-voltage lighting line, the voltage loss should be considered.

For high-voltage lines, economic current density must be considered to achieve the most cost-effective use. In addition, for high-voltage overhead lines, the mechanical strength of the cable must be calculated to ensure more stable use.

The above is a summary of how to choose cable models. I hope it can help users choose cable products.

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