Reasons affecting the quality of ACSR Conductors

ACSR conductors to a reinforced conductor in which single or multi-layer aluminum stranded wires are stranded outside a galvanized steel core wire. Mainly used in the overhead power transmission line industry. It can be seen that its quality directly affects the safety of power transmission. Its advantages are simple structure, easy erection and maintenance, low line cost, large transmission capacity, which is conducive to laying across rivers, valleys and other special geographical conditions, good electrical conductivity, sufficient mechanical strength, high tensile strength, and enlarged towers. spacing. Therefore, it is widely used in overhead transmission and distribution lines of various voltage levels.

acsr conductor

The main reasons affecting the quality of ACSR conductors and their improvement methods will be discussed below. The main reasons affecting the quality of ACSR conductors wire:

Single wire drawing processing.

1.The single wire is loosely wound on the spool, or the single wire is pulled too tight on the wire position;

2.The threading pipe is embedded in the groove due to friction, the single wire is knotted, or the pay-off disc brake is too tight;

3.Single line arched, loose and winding;

4.The main reasons for single line arching, looseness and serpentine bending;

5.The mold hole diameter is too large.

ACSR Conductors

Steel strand technology

1. The medium to diameter ratio is unreasonable

2. The positions of individual wires on the cable distribution board are staggered and unevenly distributed;

3.The mold hole diameter is too large;

4.The tension of individual monofilaments is too high.

Production management

During the production process, the quality of raw materials entering the factory should be strictly controlled, attention should be paid to avoiding mechanical damage caused by coil collision during transportation, attention should be paid to the storage location of aluminum wires, and damage caused by corrosion from corrosive media and humid air should be avoided.

Measures that should be taken

1.Single wire drawing processing.

1) Check whether the single wire is unevenly arranged or pressed. During the drawing process, pay attention to the neat arrangement of the take-up reel;

2) Replace seriously worn wiring pipes promptly;

3) Check whether the rotation of the top of the coil is flexible and ensure that the bearings are well lubricated;

4) Check whether the tension setting of the pay-off disk is even and adjust the tension according to the actual situation.

ACSR Conductors

2.Steel strand technology

1) Before production, select the appropriate pitch diameter ratio, twist ratio, lay length and twist direction. They have a direct impact on product quality, stability, strength, resistance and material consumption;

2) Based on work experience, reasonably adjust the position distribution of single lines on the distribution board;

3) Select the appropriate hole pressing grid. Generally, the hole diameter of the mold is required to be 0.3-0.5mm smaller than the outer diameter of the wire;

4) Reasonably adjust the tension of the pay-off reel to ensure that the tension of each single line is moderate and consistent;

5) Adjust the untwisting device at the same angle to eliminate the internal stress generated during the guide rail processing;

6) During the twisting process, the number of downtimes should be minimized and production should be carried out at a uniform speed as much as possible.

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