Flame retardant cables

Flame retardant cables can effectively reduce the hazards of fire accidents and are widely used in the power cable industry.

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    In the event of a fire, they may be burned and unable to operate, but they can prevent the spread of the fire. In layman's terms, if a cable catches fire, it can limit the burning to a local area, prevent the spread, and save various other equipment to avoid greater losses.

    Some common applications of flame-retardant cables include:

    Construction industry: Flame-retardant cables are mainly used in the electrical systems of public buildings such as high-rise buildings, shopping malls, airports and hospitals. If a fire occurs, flame-retardant cables can suppress the spread of fire and effectively protect people's lives and property.

    Petrochemical industry: There are a large number of flammable and explosive substances in the petrochemical industry, such as crude oil and natural gas. Once a fire occurs, the consequences will be disastrous. Flame-retardant cables play a vital role in the petrochemical industry and can improve the safety of electrical equipment.

    Shipping industry: In the shipping industry, flame-retardant cables are mainly used in the power supply system, communication system and navigation system of ships to ensure the safety and reliability of the power system when sailing at sea, and to avoid the loss of power in the event of a fire, which affects the safety of navigation.

    Transportation industry: Flame-retardant cables are widely used in the transportation industry and are used in power systems in highways, rail transit, airports, etc. They not only ensure the quality of electricity, but also effectively prevent short circuits and fires in cables under high temperature and high humidity environments, thereby ensuring people's safe travel.


    • Conductors: Solid or stranded aluminum conductors, stranded copper conductors, class 2 copper or aluminum conductors to BS EN 60228 (formerly BS 6360), compacted or segmented strands.
    • Cross-sectional area: usually 35mm2 to 630mm2 (medium voltage XLPE power cables), 150-800mm2 (high voltage XLPE power cables)
    • Insulation: XLPE (often used for medium voltage cables) or EPR (often used in marine or marine applications due to its flexibility).
    • Metal Shield: Concentric copper wire shield, aluminum foil laminate, extruded lead alloy sheath.
    • Armoring: Aluminum tape armoring is mainly used for single-core cables, and galvanized steel wire armoring is mainly used for multi-core cables.
    • Outer Sheath: Cable sheath materials include PVC, EPR, LSZH, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) (specify when ordering, other options are available) to meet different environmental requirements.
    • Short circuit temperature: +250 °C, operating temperature: -30 °C to 90 °C


    The products are mainly complying with IEC 60502 standard, also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as BS standard, DIN standard, ASTM standard, etc.

    Voltage grade is up to 35kv, cross-section area can be up to 400 sqmm (copper or alumimum conductor). Conductor long-time operating temperature is 90℃. In short circuit, conductor highest temperature should be not more than 250℃

    Flame-retardant wires and cables are divided into three grades: A, B, and C according to their combustion performance.

    Class A flame-retardant wires and cables

    Class A flame-retardant wires and cables are the best fire-resistant wires and cables, which can meet the high-level fire protection requirements of specific places. Class A flame-retardant wires and cables not only have excellent flame-retardant properties, but also release a small amount of toxic gas when burning to ensure the safety of personnel. The production cost of Class A flame-retardant wires and cables is relatively high, and they are suitable for special places with high requirements, such as subways, airports, and large public places.

    Class B flame-retardant wires and cables

    The flame-retardant performance of Class B flame-retardant wires and cables is second only to Class A, and can reduce the damage caused by fire accidents to a certain extent. The production cost of Class B flame-retardant wires and cables is relatively low, so they are suitable for general residences, shopping malls, hospitals and other places.

    Class C flame-retardant wires and cables

    Class C flame-retardant wires and cables have relatively poor flame-retardant properties and cannot meet high-level fire protection requirements. However, Class C flame-retardant wires and cables have relatively low costs and long service life, so they still have certain application value in some special occasions, such as industrial control systems in factories.

    Name and Type

    ZR-YJV(ZR-YJY)ZR-YJLV(ZR-YJLY)XLPE Insulated,PVC(PE) Sheathed Flame-retardant Power Cable
    ZR-YJV22(ZR-YJY23)ZR-YJLV22(ZR-YJLY23)XLPE Insulated,Steel Tape Armoured,PVC(PE) Sheathed Flame-retardant Power Cable
    ZR-YJV32(ZR-YJY33)ZR-YJLV32(ZR-YJLY33)XLPE Insulated,Fine Steel Wire Armoured,PVC(PE) Sheathed Flame-retardant Power Cable
    ZR-YJV42(ZR-YJY43)ZR-YJLV42(ZR-YJLY43)XLPE Insulated,Thick Steel Wire Armoured,PVC(PE) Sheathed Flame-retardant Power Cable


    Three Cores Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable

    Nominal Cross-Nominal Thickness of InsulationSize of Armour(mm)Approx.Overrall Diameter& Weight
    Section(mm)SteelFine Steel WireThick Steel WireYJVYJYYJV22YJV23YJV32Recommending Current Rating(A)
    (mm2) Tape
      Layer x ThicknessDia.Dia.Over-WeightOver-WeightOver-WeightOver-WeightOver-WeightInIn Air
        (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)  


    The packaging style of wires and cables including coil packaging, reel packaging, wooden drum packaging and iron-wood drum packaging, usually insulated power cables used wooden drum packaging, iron-wood pallet packaging and other packaging style. The packaging style is mainly based on the length and weight of the cables , we customize the satisfactory packaging method based on customers’ needs.

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