Introduction to common cable knowledge

1.What are the advantages of PVC cable?
PVC cable is a very common type of modern cable. It has good corrosion resistance and insulation properties, and can well prevent leakage and short circuits. Not only that, PVC cables are low in cost, easy to install, can complete the installation work quickly, and have good fire resistance, which can effectively reduce the risk of fire.

2.What are the common insulated wires?
Common insulated wires include the following: PVC insulated wires, PVC insulated flexible wires, nitrile-PVC mixture insulated flexible wires, rubber insulated wires, agricultural underground directly buried aluminum core plastic insulated wires, rubber insulated cotton yarn textile flexible wires , PVC insulated nylon sheathed wires, PVC insulated flexible wires for power and lighting, etc.

3.What are the properties of mineral insulated cables?
Mineral insulated cables have many properties. For example, they can prevent corrosion and aging, and also have very good waterproof effects. They have a long service life and are well recognized by users.

4.What are the specifications of the control cable?
Different occasions require the use of different specifications of control cables. Common specifications include: outer diameter specifications, conductor specifications, material specifications, core number specifications and usage environment specifications.

5.What causes control cable failure?
If the cable is in a bad chemical environment for a long time, the long-term current will cause the cable insulation to generate a lot of heat, causing the insulation layer of the control cable to age and lead to cable failure. When the cable is damaged by external force, the cable will also be damaged due to external force.

6.What work needs to be done before laying the cable?
First check whether there are any obstacles in the laying line and ensure that the laying route is smooth. Then check the terminal blocks and junction boxes of the electrical equipment to ensure that both ends of the wires are neat and whether there are any disconnections or short circuits. At the same time, the safety of the paving site must be inspected to ensure the safety of the paving.

7.Commonly used high-voltage model specifications
High-voltage cables can be divided into two types according to the conductor material, one is copper core conductor and the other is aluminum core conductor. Common high-voltage cables have the following models: NA-YJV NB-YJV WDZB- YJLY23 WDZA- YJY23 and so on.

8.How to prevent oxidation of copper conductors?
Just clean with dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid.

9.What structures does armored cable consist of?
The wire core body is covered with metal profiles, mainly composed of steel strips, steel wires, etc. It has high mechanical strength, tensile strength and protective performance, can withstand large external forces and mechanical stress, and is mainly used for tensile strength. Places with higher requirements, such as bridges, mines and other engineering construction.

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