Why Choose Low-smoke halogen-free cables?

Low smoke halogen-free cable is a kind of cable that is different from others and has a wide range of applications. Low-smoke halogen-free cables can be used in public places, high-temperature places, underground places, etc. So what is the difference between this kind of cable and ordinary cables? Why can it be applied in so many places? This is the difference between low smoke halogen-free cables and ordinary cables.

Low-smoke halogen-free cables

Low-smoke halogen-free cable is a special type of wire and cable that is widely used in various fields. Because it can reduce the generation of smoke and toxic gases when a fire occurs, it reduces the damage to equipment and personnel caused by fire. Low-smoke halogen-free cables are suitable for use in subways, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, theaters, power stations, chemical plants, city squares and other public utilities with AC rated voltages of 450/750V and below, which require high cable flame retardant properties.

Low-smoke halogen-free cables

What are the advantages of low-smoke halogen-free cables?

1.Higher security

Low-smoke and halogen-free cables have obvious advantages in terms of safety. Due to the particularity of its materials and manufacturing processes, it have higher fire resistance, do not release halogen-containing gases when burning, and have low smoke concentration, reducing the risk of fire hazards. When a fire occurs, ordinary cables will burn quickly and produce a large amount of smoke and corrosive halogen acid gas. Inhaling a small amount will cause poisoning such as dizziness and vomiting. Faced with countless tragedies caused by the billowing smoke from fires, low-smoke and halogen-free cables have become the best choice, whether in large public places or home decoration.

2.More environmentally friendly materials

Ordinary cables produce a lot of smoke when they burn, and they also release toxin-containing hydrogen chloride gas when the material is heated. LSZH cables do not contain halogen elements. Only a small amount of smoke is produced when burning, which can be seen from a distance of more than 60 meters, and no halide or other acid is released when burning. At present, low-smoke halogen-free cables are widely used in airports, subways, large buildings, government projects, etc.

3.Stronger transmission performance

Zhengzhou Jinshui Cable uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, and its products have passed multiple process tests and have many characteristics such as environmental protection, safety, and long life.

What is the difference between LSZH cables and ordinary cables?

Low-smoke halogen-free cables

1.Will not release halogen acid gas

Because the insulating protective sheath of ordinary cables contains halogen, a large amount of halogen acid gas will be released when a fire breaks out and burns. This gas is highly corrosive, thus greatly hindering firefighters' fire-fighting work, and will cause aggravate the spread of fire. The low-smoke halogen-free cable does not contain halogen, so no halogen acid gas is released when burning occurs, which helps to improve the efficiency of fire fighting.

2.The smoke is very small when burning

Since ordinary cables will emit a large amount of smoke during the burning process, it will hinder relevant workers, and the smoke will also pollute the environment. Compared with ordinary insulated cables, low-smoke halogen-free cables burn During the process, only a very light amount of smoke is emitted, and the amount of smoke emitted should also be recognized as reaching the level of "low smoke".

3.Large bending radius during laying

In order to further enhance the electrical and mechanical properties of low-smoke and halogen-free cables to ensure better power transmission quality, during laying construction, low-smoke and halogen-free cables are used compared with ordinary halogen-containing insulated cables. Cables have a larger bend radius.

Therefore, low-smoke halogen-free wires and cables will gradually become the mainstream product in the market with the continuous development of technology, bringing more convenience and safety to the public's life and work. Zhengzhou Jinshui Cable Group will also continue to strengthen the research and development and production of low-smoke and halogen-free cables, continuously improve the quality and performance of products, and ensure the safety of consumers.

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