How to properly store and maintain flame retardant wires?

Flame retardant wires are an indispensable component in power engineering, but in actual applications it is inevitable that they will not be used for a period of time. Jinshui wire and cable manufacturer's correct storage method of wires and cables can ensure their normal use and extend their life.

The following are some storage and maintenance precautions:


  1. When the indoor relative humidity exceeds 40%, wires and cables should be placed in a dry environment to avoid moisture.
  2. In limited storage space, closed storage can be used. Clean before storage and cover with plastic film or use moisture-proof bags to reduce the possibility of moisture.


  1. When storing flame-retardant wires, pay attention to avoid dust, oil, etc. from contaminating the surface of the wires and cables. You can use sealing tape, dust covers and other items for packaging.
  2. When storing flame-retardant wires, avoid heavy pressure, collision, bending, etc. to avoid damage to the outer sheath or internal conductors of wires and cables.

Storage environment

  1. The storage environment should be kept ventilated and dry, the temperature should be controlled within the range of 5℃-35℃, and avoid direct sunlight or high temperature environment.
  2. During storage, the wires and cables should be protected from corrosion by chemicals, such as acids, alkali, etc.
flame-retardant wires

Storage time

  1. Flame-retardant wires and cables should be inspected regularly to ensure that there is no damage or degradation during periods of non-use.
  2. Normally, the recommended storage time is no more than 12 months. If it exceeds this time, you need to recheck whether the wires and cables are suitable for use.


Clear and easy-to-understand labels should be marked on the surface of wires and cables and the outside of the packaging, indicating the name, model, specification, manufacturer, production date and other information of the stored wires and cables to facilitate subsequent use.

Prevent physical damage

Take care to avoid physical damage such as cuts, crushing, and twisting when using and installing flame-retardant wire. Avoid friction or force between the wire and sharp objects to avoid damaging its insulation layer and conductor and affecting its flame retardant performance.

flame-retardant wires

In short, the correct storage method of wires and cables can ensure their normal use and extend their life, and is an essential step for important engineering projects. During the storage process, attention should be paid to issues such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, storage environment, storage time and marking to ensure that the wires and cables have good performance and stable working condition in future use.

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